Kaelyn – Findlay Class of 2020

Kaelyn and her family were so great to work with during her senior experience. We photographed Kaelyn at our studio, Schedel Gardens, Downtown Findlay and ended the day back at the studio rain set. We rain into a bit of rain in Elmore towards the end but it was nice and sunny back in Findlay for us. I hope you have a wonderful soccer season this year!

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Kaelyn 1Kaelyn 2Kaelyn 3Kaelyn 4Kaelyn 5Kaelyn 6Kaelyn 7Kaelyn 8Kaelyn 9Kaelyn 10Kaelyn 11Kaelyn 12Kaelyn 13Kaelyn 14Kaelyn 15Kaelyn 16Kaelyn 17Kaelyn 18Kaelyn 19Kaelyn 20Kaelyn 21Kaelyn 22

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