Krista & Braden’s Wedding

A few years ago I met the Wurm family and two years ago I photographed Kelsi (Krista’s sister) and Jeremy’s Wedding. I was so honored when the Wurm’s contacted me about Krista and Braden’s wedding happening this year.

On Saturday, June 15th Krista and Braden got married at the Findlay Country Club followed by a beautiful backyard reception. They say rain is good luck on your wedding day and I truly believe that. The rain held off long enough for us to get lots of outdoor portraits both before and after the ceremony and came just in time for us to get one quick rain photo under the umbrella at the end of the night.

♥ Thank you for allowing me to capture your special day! ♥

We are now booking all 2020 weddings. or call 567-301-2397

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