Class of 2020 Rep Intro

I would like to introduce you to the Chelsie Hosmer Photography Class of 2020 Reps! Make sure you stop by and ask one of them how YOU can save $100 off your senior session! Stay tuned for more portraits of this amazing group!

We are now booking through the summer of 2019.

Give us a call today to schedule your consultation, 567-301-2397.

Elmwood High School

Madi Schroeder

madi 2madi 1madi 3madi 4madi 5madi 6madi 7madi 8

Elmwood High School

Natalie Beaverson

natalie 1natalie 2natalie 3natalie 4natalie 5natalie 6natalie 7natalie 8

Findlay High School

Kasey Wagner

kasey 1kasey 2kasey 3kasey 4kasey 5kasey 6kasey 7kasey 8

Findlay High School

Laurel Waite

laurel 1laurel 2laurel 3laurel 4laurel 5laurel 6laurel 7laurel 8

Leipsic High School

Conor Essinger

conor 1conor 2conor 3conor 4conor 5conor 6conor 7conor 8

Van Buren High School

Camrie Roberts

camrie 1camrie 2camrie 3camrie 4camrie 5camrie 6camrie 7camrie 8

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