Class of 2019 Senior Scramble

I am excited to announce our Class of 2019 Senior Model Team! Last Sunday, we had our annual Senior Scramble where we get all of our reps together for the day, provide hair and makeup and take a lot of photos! 🙂 We had a beautiful day and we were so happy to have photographed not only at our Findlay studio but at Alexandria’s and Scarlet Oaks Estate as well.

Meet our 2019 Team:

  • Arcadia High School:
    • Luke Metzger
  • Elmwood High School:
    • Makenna Benschoter
    • Anna Veryser
  • Findlay High School:
    • Mason Kinn
    • Claire Short
  • North Baltimore High School:
    • Hannah Main
    • Lanie McCartney
  • Patrick Henry High School:
    • Olivia Thompson

If you are a 2019 high school senior and you know one of our reps visit them to receive $100 off your senior session! We are now currently booking through the fall with summer dates filling up quickly (only a few July dates remain).

Hair and Make-up by Linley Marsh of Airbrush Beauty

Our amazing studio shirts were made by Special Tee Ink


Luke Metzger – Arcadia High School009_CHPhoto010_CHPhoto011_CHPhoto012_CHPhoto013_CHPhoto014_CHPhoto015_CHPhoto016_CHPhoto017_CHPhoto018_CHPhoto

Makenna Benschoter – Elmwood High School019_CHPhoto020_CHPhoto021_CHPhoto022_CHPhoto023_CHPhoto024_CHPhoto025_CHPhoto026_CHPhoto027_CHPhoto028_CHPhoto

Anna Veryser – Elmwood High School029_CHPhoto030_CHPhoto031_CHPhoto032_CHPhoto033_CHPhoto034_CHPhoto035_CHPhoto036_CHPhoto037_CHPhoto038_CHPhoto

Claire Short – Findlay High School039_CHPhoto040_CHPhoto041_CHPhoto042_CHPhoto043_CHPhoto044_CHPhoto045_CHPhoto046_CHPhoto047_CHPhoto048_CHPhoto

Hannah Main – North Baltimore High School049_CHPhoto050_CHPhoto051_CHPhoto052_CHPhoto053_CHPhoto054_CHPhoto055_CHPhoto056_CHPhoto057_CHPhoto058_CHPhoto

Lanie McCartney – North Baltimore High School


Olivia Thompson – Patrick Henry High School069_CHPhoto070_CHPhoto071_CHPhoto072_CHPhoto073_CHPhoto074_CHPhoto075_CHPhoto076_CHPhoto077_CHPhoto078_CHPhoto079_CHPhoto080_CHPhoto081_CHPhoto082_CHPhoto083_CHPhoto084_CHPhoto

Contact us today to book your session!  or call/text 567-301-2397

Remember to stop by and see one of our 2019 reps to receive $100 off your senior session!

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