Lauren & Stephen’s Wedding

Lauren and Stephen’s Findlay, OH wedding couldn’t have been more perfect. If ever two people were made for each other it would definitely be them. Stephen spent the day making Lauren laugh and smile and we had the perfect weather to do photos at the Findlay Country Club followed by a fabulous reception at Alexandria’s. 001_CHPhoto013_CHPhoto018_CHPhoto036_CHPhoto065_CHPhoto096_CHPhoto105_CHPhoto112_CHPhoto116_CHPhoto118_CHPhoto123_CHPhoto125_CHPhoto134_CHPhoto136_CHPhoto140a_CHPhoto143_CHPhoto171_CHPhoto202_CHPhoto211_CHPhoto217_CHPhoto228_CHPhoto237_CHPhoto276_CHPhoto309_CHPhoto317_CHPhoto322_CHPhoto329_CHPhoto333_CHPhoto335_CHPhoto343_CHPhoto355_CHPhoto359_CHPhoto370_CHPhoto372_CHPhoto381_CHPhoto383_CHPhoto386_CHPhoto396_CHPhoto401_CHPhoto408_CHPhoto411_CHPhoto416_CHPhoto419_CHPhoto422_CHPhoto431_CHPhoto

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